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  Following real people, their successes and struggles, as they search for genuine answers hidden within the maze of factual and deceptive spiritual and wellness claims.

Brad C. Carrigan
Host / Producer

Francisco M.
Co-Producer / Communications

Erin Borgfjord

Devi Singh

Jeremy Williams
Videography and Editor

Shannon Kaplun
Line Producer

Natalia Tudge

Devi Singh

Devi initially came to Vancouver to go the University of British Columbia. After graduating with a degree in Marine Biology, Devi took the proverbial "leap of faith" and launched herself into a career as a jazz singer. She trained with world famous former lead singer of "The Platters", Ray Carroll. One of her idols, B.B.King, said that her quality of voice reminded him of a young Lena Horne.

While singing jazz she decided to try her hand at acting and fell in love with the art. Since then, she's been featured in commercials and television shows such as "Godiva's". She has also been fortunate enough to have done other work as a host. Devi says that she enjoys being a host because it gives her a chance to let her own personality and joy for life shine through. That's why it's important for her to be involved with the "Eternal Wellness Show". She wants to be part of the mission to dispel the myths and conditioning that repress society and communicate to as many people as possible the way to healthy, joyful living.