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  Following real people, their successes and struggles, as they search for genuine answers hidden within the maze of factual and deceptive spiritual and wellness claims.

Brad C. Carrigan
Host / Producer

Francisco M.
Co-Producer / Communications

Erin Borgfjord

Devi Singh

Jeremy Williams
Videography and Editor

Shannon Kaplun
Line Producer

Natalia Tudge

Brad C. Carrigan
Host / Producer

Bradley Clayton Carrigan - Has produced, written and directed world class theatre production/s / made for TV music videos as well as nationally acclaimed music CDs. Brad first gained international recognition as a Canadian recording artist / songwriter during the late 80's / 90's while performing and working with many of Canada's top recording artists / musicians. His original music performances received National acclaim and airplay on most Canadian TV Video and Radio markets. He expanded his musical vision in the early 90's by traveling and living in India, studying Indian classical / devotional music. It was during his time in India Brad integrated his unique musical style of Latin / jazz / pop with Indian classical music. It resulted in a very appealing and diverse world music style that developed onto 3 world music CDs and the concert stages of Europe, India and Canada, and most recently… 3 celebrated performances at Vancouver's Q.E. Theatre.

While in India studying the origins of Indian classical music, holistic health and ancient Vedic meditation techniques he evolved a unique insight of these beautiful holistic teachings to establish the "Eternal Yoga", a non-religious pure understanding of Body, Mind and Spirit. In it he has merged a urban and modern lifestyle awareness that integrates holistic nutrition, Yoga and meditation into one universal application. He has proceeded to give hundreds of lectures and seminars world wide, and is currently completing the Eternal Yoga first edition book for the international audience. It is this understanding that has created the background for the Eternal Wellness Show currently in production.