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  Our hosts will present probing themes, controversial topics, alternative viewpoints, beautiful locations and a sprinkle of live world music performances.

The Eternal Wellness Show is a comprehensive hour of fast-paced weekly, investigative character-driven, TV programs that take viewers deep inside the expanding world of Mind, Body and Spirit; a world that has quickly become a billion dollar industry often exploited by corporate bottom lines.

Our TV series will explore the rational behind the wellness philosophies and claims made by traditional, alternative and metaphysical organizations. The claims, the politics, the facts and the fiction will all be explored and examined from organic vs. non organic farming, supplements, GMO food, cancer causes and natural cures to the ancient science of the metaphysical, healing with music and visualization practices.

Our show examines what really works and how, and what doesn't and why. We will take our investigative approach through the claims and dogmas that encompass today's modern world of Body, Mind and Spirit. Questioning conventional and alternative wellness practices that are treated as disparate when proven common ground exists within the philosophies.

On a lighter note we will also take the viewer to some of most beautiful health spas and wellness retreat settings, searching the best nature hikes as well as little known sacred and spiritual sites from around the world, add a sprinkle of "live" world performances and you will have The Eternal Wellness Show

Each weekly episode will have a straightforward overarching theme that will be expanded and explored through specific Mind, Body, or Spirit segments. Our hosts will follow real people experiencing successes, struggles, and personal transformations as they search for genuine answers hidden within the maze of factual and deceptive wellness claims, drawing on the opinions and advice of world-renowned specialists from all sides of the wellness industry fence.

In addition we will feature a live musical guest performance whose genre is related to the episode's theme. Not only will we educate our audience, we will also entertain by alternating depth with levity.